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Darren Baptiste is a Professional App Developer from Canada and recently he decided to help bring awareness to the very serious issue of Police Brutality. The relationship between the police and the Black Community has never been good. The Police enforce laws of a system that aids the agenda of White supremacy and a country founded on racism and murder. 

Darren has experienced countless cases of Police Brutality in his lifetime and ever since the emergence of the internet anyone can see the atrocious cases of brutality on YouTube. Darren is wise enough to know that the Police cause a lot of the issues and use their badge, gun and law as protection when they brutalize people in the Black Community. A Black Person’s word means nothing against a Cops word in court.
The “Cop Watch” app begins shooting automatically once it’s opened, and as soon as recording is stopped, instantly uploads to YouTube. At the same time, an email is sent to a community-based Network for the Elimination of Police Violence , with the videographer’s location and a URL for the video. This app provides evidence in the favor of our people to help combat a serious issue. Baptiste designed the app to feature the “Eye of Horus” as a symbol of protection. Salute to Darren for taking a stand against Police Brutality.
Written By: @Champion_Us

Happy black history month

i wonder how long it takes until it **mysteriously** gets taken off the app store

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